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A versatile particle system that can be used for fireflies, rain, snow or well whatever you can dream up!
I also have several ready made items in the store you can use with it.
Easy to use.
Parameters include a rez frequency number, 0.01 is the lowest (fastest)
The item to rez
Lower hang time is the low side of how long they stay up
Upper hang time is the high side of how long they stay up.
Corner 1 and 2 are position vectors describing 2 opposite corners of a cube where you want the particles.
Radius to rez at. NOTE: if radius is not 0.0 the rezzing will be a sperical shell that uses Corner 1 as the center. Still put something in for Corner 2 even though it would be ignored. (This will make nice blinking starfeilds)
Receiver Channel is to allow for my proximity detectors to trigger on or off the rezzing. Set to 0 if you don't use and want it always on.

Special NOTE: There is a maximun rez rate cap. If you were to try to use 2 of these in one region you would have to split up the rez time between the 2.

Updated to reflect new 100 per second rez rate of 0.01

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