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Voice broadcast stage (scripted)

Voice broadcast stage (scripted)


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This is a super simple way to broadcast the voices of people on a rectangular stage. Anyone who enters the trigger volume starts broadcasting. They stop broadcasting as soon as they step out.

You will need to configure either your Scene Settings' Background Sound section or add audio emitters and tune them into voice broadcasts. See the attached screenshot for typical Scene Settings.

This object includes these assets:

◆ Reflex4 broadcast voice script
. . o http://mm-reflex.com/v4/BroadcastVoice
◆ Reflex4 trigger volume script
. . o http://mm-reflex.com/v4/TriggerVolume

You will need the Reflex4 hub in your scene for this to work. ( http://mm-reflex.com/v4/Hub )

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Voice broadcast stage
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