MultiUser FlashLight System Script

MultiUser FlashLight System Script


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A script you can put in a flashlight and have available for users on your experience. (I have one designed for this here on the market for free or use your own) You add this script to the light. Set dynamic on, add a spot light to the light. Make sure to rotate the spot light to the light orientation which should be facing upwards. It is best to place these under a platform to avoid load up collisions. Set the flashlight # and the total number. The message parameters have defaults, but are overridable in these. Defaults are: GetLightCommand = "get light"
ReturnLightCommand = "return light"
NoMoreLightsMessage = "Sorry, all available flashlights are in use presently."
OnlyOneLightMessage = "Sorry, you're only allowed one flashlight."

See image attached for settings I think work well on the lights and actual object. The lights will appear over the user's right shoulder. They will move with them and track their camera direction. You may put as many of these out as you like. Just remember to get the number and the total right in the settings on each light. Performance should be real time if you don't have too many scripts on your experience.
Updated on 4/17/2018 07:00 GMT

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