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Store - Huge Room Shop - White - With Lamps

Store - Huge Room Shop - White - With Lamps


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This is a huge room with a large open access in front of it.

I've made it to create a store in it, but of course you can use it as you want.

The whole building is one object, with the origin set on the floor in front of it, so if you want to create a huge closed room, you just have to duplicate it and rotated one to 180 degrees on Z axe.

It comes with a collision shape as well.

You will also receive 12 ceiling lamps, and a front sign to display your logo.

It uses the new parent properties, from last release 2019-03-28. So you will be able to rotate and position those 14 items at the same time.

Be carful when you will rezed it on the ground, it will appeare a bit higher from the ground to 0.5 meters.
To correct this, if your ground is set to 0 meters in Z, you will need to select the folder in your "Scene Objects" windows, and set Z to 0 in "Properties" window.

Outsides sizes are 34 x 50 x 10 Meters.
Insides sizes are about 24 x 40 x 5,5 Meters.

You can see it in Sansar here :

PS: It is fully modifiable and tintable. All diffuse textures are true grey.
Inside walls are already tinted with a soft pink in Sansar, so feel free to change the colors of it, and add or delete inside lamps as you want.

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MPP Store - Huge Room Shop - White - With Lamps
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