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Event Security Fence  | Set

Event Security Fence | Set


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A modular fence set that you can use for events to warehouse, to construction to prison yards.

◐ Tintable

◆ Optimized mesh and textures
▷ Tris : 60-180
◳ Texture Load : 2.2 MB
◆ Support original content and creators

! IMPORTANT: VR uses more PC resources than the average PC game, up to 6 times or more. Most users will be using mobile VR headsets, and therefore the models that you have in your world MUST be highly optimized and efficient to ensure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Set includes;
1 x Event Fence 3m
1 x Event Fence 2m
1 x Event Fence 1m
1 x Event Fence Footing
1 x Event Fence Coupler
1 x Event Fence Gate/Door (Interaction and Sound)
1 x Crowd Control Fence 2m
1 x Crowd Control Fence 1m

1 x Prefab Fence 3m with Hardware (Example connections)
1 x Prefab Storage Unit 2m (with interactive door)

Bonus Props:
1 x Event Fence Metal Storage Basket
1 x GarbageBag01
1 x Wine Bottle 030619
1 x WHS Wooden Palett 112020
1 x Cardboard Box Blank Wet
1 x Cardboard Box Std Wet

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Event Fence 121020 Set ENT
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