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Exo-skeleton K-82

Exo-skeleton K-82


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Ravtech would like to inform YOU the user of j-76 there is a new revision to the j-76! in the form of K-82! as you can see the new K-82 has a new sturdy roll cage to stop those pesky falls from causing more damage to the user than they need to! the new and improved K-82 comes in work forms as well as military units and units for sports that are taking the world by storm.

in the event that you purchased the K-82 and fell victim to the design flaws which led to (death,dismemberment,loss of mental capacity) ravtech would like to upgrade you to the latest model for free! just contact your local ravtech dealer and he or she shall replace your current unit with the new model (if user is still alive from previous models accidents)

(single layer of clothing and works on both female and male avatar)

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Exo-skeleton K-82
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