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HoverDerby - Bunny & Cat 'splain the rules

HoverDerby - Bunny & Cat 'splain the rules


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hoverderby.com ::: With the purchase of this item you are showing your support for Sansar's first team sport. Thank you!

This is the 3D model of the children's book read aloud during episode 5 of the HoverDerby weekly game day show on YouTube. It features the final version of the cover, with its high-resolution art, embossed metallic text, finely detailed cover texturing, embossed logo on the back, and more. This model represents many hours of solid collaboration between Jasmine and Galen. Special thanks to Snow for the awesome head models for Cat, Bunny, and Duck in the book.

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HoverDerby - Bunny & Cat book
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