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This script will make the object follow the user based on Script Library events. You place this script in the object you want to be the follower. It can simulate "walking" by sticking to the ground when it follows. The "meeting point" of the follower and user can be configured by a strict offset, or where ever the follower meets the offset distance. The object must be 'Movable by script'. Also included is a rotation only follow script.

- 1.0.1 - fixed a critical bug that messes up the offset when defining a rotation, rotation should be applied to the object not the offset.
- 1.0.2 - fixed offset and orientation not set correctly for specially crafted object models.
- 1.1.0 - added 'Single Follower' script for allowing any object to follow the user, not just from a rezzer.
- 1.2.0 - Changed code to use mover api. The object must be keyframed and have 'Movable by script' enabled.
- 1.3.0 - Added 'Look At Follow' script that will make the object's direction follow the target. This does not work well with other scripts that move the object, it assumes the object is standing still.
- 1.4.0 - bug fixes, added events for started/stopped following, removed 'Follower Rezzer' (not needed now with the regular follower script)
- 1.5.0 - added dynamic physics follower script
- 1.5.8 - bug fixes, added idle timeout event for detecting when the follower is stuck, added idle threshold speed.

* I allow buyers to resell this script as part of their own products, but not as a standalone script

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Follower [1.5.9]
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