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Star Island Scene

Star Island Scene


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This is everything that in the entire scene from my world called star island. You buy and it will be in inventory labeled Star Island Scene. you just have to pull it out and wait like 20 seconds for it to load and thats it.

this item is full of custom sound effects and functions that are only in these items.
like drivable space ship with sounds.
two npcs with interactions and sounds
heart gun with custom sound
wiffle bat with custom sound
firepit with custom sound
splash in the water with custom sound
a working elevator in the aquarium building
and a home for you to decorate
lawn decor and lights
Everything you need is in here to get started in sansar

if you have any issues message me in world or ask me if you see me

view this demo video to see all the fun you can have making this your home on sansarVR

can visit the world that is the exact copy of this item here

Item name
Star Island Scene (all props and structures)