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Tall Security Fence Set | Clean | Rusted

Tall Security Fence Set | Clean | Rusted


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A tall security fence set in CLEAN and RUSTY editions.

◆ Optimized mesh and textures
▷ Tris : < 324
◰ Texture Load : 2.2 MB
◆ Support original content and creators

! IMPORTANT: VR uses more PC resources than the average PC game, up to 6 times or more. Most users will be using mobile VR headsets, and therefore the models that you have in your world MUST be highly optimized and efficient to ensure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Set includes (each in Clean and Rusted versions)
1 x SecurityFence Left
1 x SecurityFence Corner IN
1 x SecurityFence Corner OUT
1 x SecurityFence Post Corner
1 x SecurityFence Post
1 x SecurityFence Terminal Post
1 x SecurityFence Doorway

Each piece has extra long footings to navigate uneven terrain.
Set will spawn at 0.25, bring it down to 0.0 on flat areas.

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Tall Security Fence Set 013121 ENT
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