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Silk Caftan Light Blue

Silk Caftan Light Blue


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Designed for bodies and souls, regardless of gender. Loosely fitted one-size silk caftan. 126cm long from centre back neck to hem. The caftan is constructed from a single rectangular piece of silk fabric being draped over the shoulder in the same manner as described in chapter 2.2 of Kinetic Garment Construction. This principal of approaching the body with fabric dates thousands years back and gives a voluminous drape. This volume together with the the long jersey cuffs creates a flattering silhouette on any body type. Six corozo buttons in green with natural variations in every button at front placket. All seams are finished as french seam. Two large pockets at front at hips. V-shaped neckline at back.

The story about the pattern
Mandelbulb is a three-dimensional fractal, constructed by Daniel White and Paul Nylander using spherical coordinates in 2009. We made the graphical patterns by putting together different generated fractals in repeatable structures and in different colour variations. We have made nine different patterns, two is used for the silk caftans and you will see other variants in upcoming releases. Enjoy!

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