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Megaphone Zone


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Enables the megaphone of a user when inside a trigger volume.

** Instructions **
Drop this script in a Trigger Volume and change the settings to fit your needs.

** Settings **
- Enabled At Startup: whether or not to start enabled when the experience loads. If you turn this off you will have to manually enable the functionality by using the toggle command.
- Toggle Command: chat command for the experience owner to enable/disable the script functionality.
- Owner Access Only: limit interaction with the object to the experience owner only. Turning this on will ignore the User Access List.
- User Access List: list of user handles (@name) to which the permission filter applies.
- Whitelist <> Blacklist: determines whether the permission filter grants access (whitelist) or denies access (blacklist) to the User Access List.
- Active: toggles the script on or off.

** Changelog **
v2.0.0.33 (2022-09-07)
- Revised code
- Updated Avatar Access List with new editable list property.
- Added switch to toggle between whitelist and blacklist.

** Questions, issues or suggestions? **
Contact @Tron-Sansar

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Megaphone Zone v2.0.0.33
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