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Mad's Ban Tool [v1.2.1]

Mad's Ban Tool [v1.2.1]


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This script aims to make it easier to kick trolls out of your world.

You enter a ban command in chat with or without part of a user's name. If the script finds more than one user that matches what you typed it will show you a list and ask you to enter the number by the name of the one you want to ban. You will then see a dialog confirming the action. The banned user will be sent to the world you supply in the script properties. By default it uses the world Katylina made for sending banned users.

If the banned user comes back into the world they will be kicked again after three seconds. There's a command to get a list of banned users so you can either unban them from this script or you or add them to the ban list in your world's publishing options.

You can add some physics objects to the script options. Banned users will not be able to pass through them, but everyone else will. If you put one, such as an invisible cube, on the spawn point the banned users will be stuck in it before the script teleports them out. Ember made an invisible cube you can use as a barrier.

Even with this script, banning users takes time away from hosting people, so you can add a list of admins who can help out. You can add their handles separated by commas in the script properties, or you can use the /admin command to grant people temporary admin permissions. Admins can't ban each other. Admin handles are not case sensitive.

All the commands on this script aside from /help can be changed so they don't conflict with other scripts or if you'd rather type something different. Whatever commands you enter will be shown in the script's help message.

v1.1: If an admin selects a person to ban and then decide to cancel by clicking "no" the script will only parse further numbers entered as ban selections for the next 15 seconds. Also fixed some typos and the ban menu not showing the correct abort command.

v1.2: Catches two more potential exceptions.

v1.2.1: No longer malfunctions if two admins ban the same user.

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