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Marquee Blinking Arrow

Marquee Blinking Arrow


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Tintable marquee style blinking enabled arrow ● Tintable wooden frame ● Lamps on the sign can have 2 different colors for on and off states ● Lamps are blink enabled ● Two blinking modes possible : all at once or alternate blinking (see below for instructions) ● Adjustable glow (emissive intensity) ● Hollow rear side for mesh efficiency ● Watch demo video of alternate blink mode ● Related items:
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How to change sign state between on, off, blinking and alternate blinking : select the sign in Scene Objects, right click and open Materials window. Adjust bulb1 and bulb2 materials as follows:
* For lamps on (default): flipbook frame = 0, flipbook rate = 0
* For lamps off: flipbook frame = 1, flipbook rate = 0
* For blinking lamps: flipbook frame = 0, flipbook rate = other than zero, higher values get you slower blinking.
* For alternate blinking lamps: flipbook frame = 0 for bulb1 material and = 1 for bulb2 material, flipbook rate = same value for both bulb materials.
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About changing materials : it is possible to change materials in a saved copy of this item, not directly in the original item or a duplicate. To create a saved copy, rez the original item in your scene, locate the item in Scene Objects list, right click the item for menu, click Save to inventory and rename the new copy. When you rez this copy you will be able to change its materials.

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Marquee Blinking Arrow
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