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Media Streamer Opis Alpha 1.0

Media Streamer Opis Alpha 1.0


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Media Stream Chooser.

Alpha version hasn't got media slots in itself. It requires Media Streamer Mediabank as companion.

- Common media stream possibility for group viewing.
- common starting time; if participants come later the stream will start from beginning for them
- Expand available media slots by 20 with Media Streamer Mediabank.
- Admin: Possibility to enable/disable debug logging.

Upgrades available:
Media Streamer Alpha owners (acquired before 2019-11-23): S$20

Contact me if you're having problems or other matters with the script.
To update your version just buy the new version from store and I will refund you.

In action:

Chat commands:
/channels - get list of programs
/channel <number> - choose a program to watch by sending (ie. /channel 2)
/helpme - get help

Admins (scene owners):
/publicurl start - start a common program for group
/publicurl <media stream address> - set and start new common mediastream
/publicurl <channel number> - set and start common mediastream from existing media sources

Instructions for url format:

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Media Streamer Opis Alpha 1.0
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