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Template flag, horisontal

Template flag, horisontal


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Add some life to your experiences with this flag!

Replace template texture with any flag you want, just make sure to resize your texture to 2:1 ratio. I recommend 1024x512, works really well with this flag.

Flag comes with looped seamless 10 second wind animation. Can be sped up or slowed down, depending on your need.

The best point - you can save flag with new textures, and re-sell it on the store for other people. Let's see what you come up with ;) Advanced users can download third image in this listing, and multiply it over the texture in 2d app of their choice (Photoshop, Gimp), to enhance that fabric feeling in the texture (don't forget to resize it to 1024x512 for best results)

See it in action: https://i.gyazo.com/8defff585537dd8756bf1d555ab52876.mp4

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