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Water Barrel Set | HDPE

Water Barrel Set | HDPE


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A set of plastic HDPE barrels for water and liquid storage.

◐ Tintable

◆ Optimized mesh and textures
▷ Tris : 612 - 1584
◳ Texture Load : 1.0 MB - 4.0 MB (Depending on version)
◆ Support original content and creators

Set includes:
1 x Classic White water barrel (1584 Tris)
1 x Classic White Low Poly (612 Tris)
1 x Dirty White water barrel
1 x Dirty White LoRes version
1 x Classic Blue water barrel
2 x Pre-Tinted colored.

Use LoRes for background props or if you are going to use a lot of them.

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Water Barrel HDPE 112720 ENT
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