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Clicks v1.2

Clicks v1.2


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~ This new script, called Clicks, is a try to convert your GraphicalUserInterface(GUI) Layout Image into a Functional Interactive Surface in Sansar. in another words, This Script lets you create Interactive Surfaces that provides multiple Buttons at the same time.

~ You can Use This App to Setup your Script:

~ Guide:
[Events]: they are the same old events you have always used.

[ID]: ...
1. each Button needs atleast an ID.
2. Buttons can have multiple commaSeparated IDs.
2. IDs dont need to be Unique on each Button.
4. you can use lock.idName & unlock.idName to control your Buttons.

! there are some Special IDs you can use:
-locked: Buttons that has this ID will be locked initially.
-mod: Buttons that has this ID lets Moderators to access even Locked.

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