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Gingerbread Icing Object

Gingerbread Icing Object


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This item is free for you to decorate your ready-to-decorate Gingerbread House. It is not useful, unless you have purchased this item:

You can also download the gingerbread icing mesh, and make your own by following the directions you see below.


If you want to attempt to make your own icing, this mesh and the templates for creating a texture for it, are provided here for free download.

Use the templates in your favourite image processing program (I like Inkscape, which is free), as a basis for creating a partially transparent PNG file. Remember, you're making icing. It can be whatever colour you like, but what you are after, in the end, is a latticework of loveliness that looks like icing lines.

Next, upload the mesh provided into your Sansar experience, and replace the textures with the ones you have made. It's that easy.

Feel free to offer the item you have textured with my mesh in the Sansar store. You can even charge for it. I hereby declare this mesh open source for your use, personal or commercial.
Here are the files you need:

FRONT Template:

SIDE Template:

ROOF Template: (for the roof, ust use a 1024x1024 sized image)


Have fun!

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