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3D Anything (thin)

3D Anything (thin)


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Make almost anything with this object, just by changing the texture in the material editor of the Sansar Browser!

Write whatever you want!

Make a logo!

Make flat objects!

Make a funky bookcase, or room divider!

-make a PNG file that is transparent in areas. You can have a nice texture in the opaque areas (as with the bitcoin example, or the room divider shelf example), or it can just be a colour (as with the canadian logo and words).
-bring the 3D Anything object into your scene, and right click it's name in the "Scene Objects" window. This will open the object's material editor.
-replace the albedo texture in each of the two materials with your PNG file.
-tint each material if you like.

Note: You can only re-texture items brought into your scene. When you delete that item, all of your changes to its material disappear.

Have fun making things!

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3D Anything (thin)
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