Actions on Trigger

Actions on Trigger


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A basic script of EASYSCRIPT collection, that is activated when something (you can choose if an avatar, or an object, or both) enters in a trigger volume or exits from that.
It sends a message (or multiple messages separated by a comma) on a specific channel. If you insert multiple messages, you can decide if to send all messages, or a random message every time trigger is activated. Script can optionally play a sound ( with a optional random delay). It can be combined with other my easyscripts, and it’s compatible with Simple Script.

Insert this script inside a trigger volume.


-[OUTPUT CHANNEL]: Channel used to send messages.If 0, messages will appear in local chat
-[ON ENTER TRIGGER]: Message sent if someone or something enters in trigger volume
-[ON EXIT TRIGGER]: Message sent if last agent or object leaves the trigger volume
-[MIN DELAY AFTER TRIG]:minimum value for random delay after trig.
-[MAX DELAY AFTER TRIG]:maximum value for random delay after trig.
-[IGNORE COLLISION SEC]:Set how many seconds you want trigger volume disabled after collision
-[AUDIO FILE]: Add an optional sound played on trigger volume
-[LOUDNESS]: loudness of audio file
-[PITCH]: pitch of audio file
-[SPATIALIZED AUDIO]: If ON, sound plays in audio component(if exists), or at center of trigger volume or object, else if OFF, it plays in the entire scene.
-[DETECT AVATAR]: collision is activated by an avatar
-[DETECT OBJECT]: collision is activated by an object
-[RANDOM MESSAGES]: if ON, message are sent random every trigger volume collision (entering or exit from trigger). For multiple messages, remember to separate them with a comma.
-[SSCOMPATIBLE]: If on, script is compatible with Simple scripts, and send messages to Simple scripts.

I used it in my experience here:


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