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Advanced Dispenser ✨

Advanced Dispenser ✨


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This dispenser allows you to rez an object around a target. The target can be the object this script is in, or from the event's object / user. The script also has a "Gun Mode" where it will listen to Trigger presses when grabbed and rez bullets, with click throttling, sound effect. This saves you from doing the same with 5 or so simple scripts, and does not rely on events! So multiple rezzers can be added to the scene or sold without reconfiguring.

This is useful for rezzing huds, followers, guns, bullets, or anything else you need to rez next to the user or object.

The dispenser allows:
- Rezzing a variety of objects, each with their own event.
- Velocity and random offset at rez
- Sound effect on rez
- Multiple rezzes over time
- Rez at ground
- Rez looking at target
- Random position around target
- Object lifetime
- Derez on collision
- Set target from the event's object/user

1.0.0 - Initial release
1.1.0 - Fixed velocity to be relative to objects rotation. added 'Dispensed ->' event for each time the object is dispensed.
1.2.0 - renamed script to 'Advanced Dispenser', added support for multiple objects to rez from different events, added 'Gun Mode', sound effect, and random velocity angle offset to simulate shooting inaccuracy.
1.2.1 - added rez animation, gravity factor, and destroy callback

* I allow buyers to resell this script as part of their own products, but not as a standalone script

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AdvancedDispenser [1.2.12]
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