Simple button 2.1 [SCRIPTED]

Simple button 2.1 [SCRIPTED]


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A simple button animated and scripted that can be used for everything in your experience or scenes. It's already set and ready for use.
(is FULL COMPATIBLE with reflex scripts or simple scripts)
PBR textures.

It contains:
-Simple animation script
-Simple interact script( to make it works with simple scripts)
-simple sound script(with click sound included)
Animation frames:
0-11 (press animation)
11-21 (release animation)

Every parameter can be modified.
Item can be resold.

A demo here:

(you can decide if press and release the button immediately, or press and click again to release)

You can easily set to combine with lights, animation, sounds and more.
I used it in my experience "Orphanage of angels"

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Simple button 2.1 [SCRIPTED]
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