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Hellen - Avatar


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Meet Hellen from Avatar 2.0.

♥ Natural and simple.
♥ Nail color and underwear is pink.
♥ Has moles and freckles on her face and body.
♥ Don't forget to rate this skin!


♥ Bun Hair from Sansar
♥ Pixie Cut Hair: https://store.sansar.com/listings/f5e28c3b-61af-47c4-9706-06adcce8f5f9/-solas-short-hair
♥ Shoes are from Sansar
♥ Top: Mine, https://store.sansar.com/listings/e1caf0c5-d544-496f-bd2f-10cbd4fc4aca/white-star-see-through-sweater
♥ Bottom: Mine

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Hellen - Avatar
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