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TKBlink v1.9

TKBlink v1.9


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~ TKBlink (Made for T4ZZ-2788)
~ Used to Prepare Interactive Blinking lights

~ Works using both chat commands / simple scripts
~ Drop the script on an Object that contains lights or simply add lights to the Lists provided in the script

Dont forget you need the light's Scriptable option set to ON, else scripts cant manipulate them.

/tb1, /tb2, /tb3, many as your speeds count [activates blinking lights with these speeds]
/tbflicker [makes lights flicker randomly]
/tbon to turn the lights on
/tboff to turn the lights off
/tbstop [stops the effect]
/tbopen, /tbclose [changes access restrictions]
(you can use all these commands without "/" to use as your event name in your simple scripts. for example: tboff to stop the blinking.)

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TKBlink 1.9
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