Woman AV2 Mannequin Avatar - Black

Woman AV2 Mannequin Avatar - Black


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This is a resin mannequin avatar without head.
This avatar was made in order to easily do your ads pictures / screenshots of your clothing, shoes and body accessories.

I made it from Default Sansar AV2, so all clothing you have made for AV2 avatar in Marvelous Designer, or rigged items will fit on it, as you can see on the third picture.
Note than this mannequin comes without clothing, as you can see on the second picture.
And as it is an avatar, you will just need to wear it and dress it with your creations, and then pose it as you want with Emotes animations.

It is available in 3 different colors at my store : White, Grey 50%, and Black.
All textures on it are 4 x 4 pixels, to avoid lag.

As it is a resin model, it comes without undergarments.

PS 1: You can find a photo studio backdrop in my store here https://store.sansar.com/listings/bccc0801-abc3-49c3-b57f-d717cd30871f/tintable-photo-studio-backdrop

PS 2: You might also be interested by the pose-ball made by EvoAv, to made some nice ads pictures.

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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MPP - Woman AV2 Mannequin Avatar - Black