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Visitor Tracker ☄

Visitor Tracker ☄


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This script will count visitors to your experience and show a graph when triggered by a script event. It uses the persistence API to store the number of visits, it stores a fixed amount of data and does not store visitor names, only visitor counts.

It keeps an aggregation of visits per the following:
- last 24 hours
- last 30 days
- last 53 weeks
- all months

To setup the persistent database you must include a second script (Database), and give it some random numbers and a name. The numbers you pick in the script will be like your database ID and you should keep a backup of those numbers in case you delete the script by mistake. Deleting the script will not delete the data. You may reuse the same database numbers in different experiences, which will store the stats per experience in the same database. Check the debug console (ctrl + d) if the script does not seem responsive, it will give hints on what you did wrong.

Data is stored per experience handle (the last part in the experience url), if you take the same script to another experience it will be a different set of data.

If you dont know how to use scripts, then you can buy the plug-and-play version that requires zero configuration:

1.0.0 - initial release
1.1.0 - now supports multiple instances of the same experience, added delete event to delete the data, separated the graph events to another script so now you can view statistics from a private scene.

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VisitorTracker [1.1.3]
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