Metal rusted lever [SCRIPTED]

Metal rusted lever [SCRIPTED]


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A metal rusted lever animated that can be used for everything in your experience or scene. It's already with script and sound inside, ready for use.
(is FULL COMPATIBLE with reflex scripts or simple scripts)
PBR textures.

It contains:
-Switch control script
-Audio effect

Place it in your scene and set parameters as you prefer.

-[HOVERTEXT]: Set a hovertext for interaction(if not leave blank)
-[OUT CHANNEL]: Channel used to send messages.If 0, messages will appear in local chat
-[OUTPUT COMMAND 1]: Set a message to send on first click. Multiple messages can be inserted separated by a comma
-[OUTPUT COMMAND 2]: Set a message to send on second click.Multiple messages can be inserted separated by a comma
-[RANDOM MESSAGES]: if ON, message are sent random every click. For multiple messages, remember to separate them with a comma.
-[IDLE TIME] Time of idleness of script, after clicked
-[AUDIO FILE]: Add an optional sound played on trigger volume
-[LOUDNESS]: loudness of audio file
-[PLAYBACK SPEED]: speed of animation
-[SPATIALIZED AUDIO]: If ON, sound plays in audio component(if exists), or at center of trigger volume or object, else if OFF, it plays in the entire scene.
-[SSCOMPATIBLE]: If on, script is compatible with Simple scripts, and send messages to Simple scripts.

Every parameter can be modified.
Item can be resold.

You can easily set to combine with lights, animation, sounds and more.

I used it in my experience "Day 24 : the Escape"

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Metal rusted lever [SCRIPTED]
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