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Track3 with aubermobiles

Track3 with aubermobiles


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Simple track with basic vehicules.

Price is for the third party script. Apart from that this is free.

Place the track in your scene and ride the aubermobiles alone or with your friends.

Press R to start engine after entering a vehicule
Use numeric keypad to move
Enter key (alphanumeric keyboard) to reset vehicule.

You will need to add a reset scene script to your scene for when all the vehicules have fallen off the track. It is possible to push them back on the road but they are quite heavy.

In the additional images you will find the settings that seem to work for this combination of track/vehicule, in case you want to try with different vehicules.
This is an older version of Thimble Vehicule script because I was not able to make the newest update work.

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Track3 with aubermobiles
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