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Women's Vaporwave Aesthetic Crop Tee

Women's Vaporwave Aesthetic Crop Tee


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Looking for you next wardrobe favorite? Well, look no further because this crop tee is printed with a 4K Texture and Normal Map and sewn in Marvelous Designer to fit you just right. To top that off not only can you wear it in Sansar, if you like it enough you can cop it in real life! The original all-over design is definitely worth showing off, so don't hesitate to own one of these tees - they're meant to be adored.

You may need to adjust the tee to get the preferred fit!
You can adjust clothing next to the transform tool in the Worn Items Menu.

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Item name
Women's Vaporwave Aesthetic Crop Tee
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Made with Marvelous Designer
This garment replicates the physical properties of real fabric and can be dynamically adjusted on your avatar. Learn more.