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Welsh Wales Flag Animated Wind Effect

Welsh Wales Flag Animated Wind Effect


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Simply the coolest flag - it doesn't matter if you're not from Wales, as there are plenty of good reasons to have a flag with a dragon on it!

Flag comes with a 10 second wind animation which you can speed up or slow down in the properties for 'flag_v5' object.

You can even change the main Albedo texture to a different image - doesn't even have to be a flag! You do this in the Material settings for 'flag_v5' object. Dig around; you'll find it.

Tilted at an angle by default, but you can change this too. Please remember to select both the 'flag_v5_pole' and 'flag_v5' objects together before tilting, as otherwise you'll end up tilting either the flag, or the pole, but not both together.

Happy flagging. Resale permitted.

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