Easter Egg Hunt v4

Easter Egg Hunt v4


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Version 4 does no longer allow for anyone to cheat and to deliver the same egg twice. It also sends out a event "On Already Known" (see screenshot) so you can shout cheater in your experience ;-)

Simple self contained easter egg hunting game. Place Basket in your experience, adjust, set parameters, and build. Rezzes up to 20 eggs to find. The owner of the experience can rerezz the eggs, or reset the game by typing /reseteggs into chat.

This video shows the set in a highland default experience :

If you are uncertain about where the script is going to place eggs you can select an object in the first slot that will indicate what areas area potential egg drop locations. Use a very small and simple object for this like a .25 sphere.

By default the area that can have eggs is 100x100 meters. The center radius is 20 by default which means and area of 40x40 meter around the basket will not have eggs. The debug log shows additional information e.g. how many eggs did actually get placed. That way you can know if your configuration works as intended.

The scripts sends out a “eggdelivered” event for each egg dropped in the basket, allowing you to add a custom response e.g. a door opening or such by adding a “mover” scene script or any other scene script responding to the “eggdelivered“ command.

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