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Visitor Tracker (plug-n-play)

Visitor Tracker (plug-n-play)


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This is the plug-and-play version of the visitor tracker script (see link below) that requires zero configuration to start using, just insert the box in the scene and it will start tracking visits in the experience in your own private database that relies on the persistence api.

You have 4 chat commands pre-configured:
- '/visitorstoday' - this will show a link in chat for a graph with the number of visits for that last 24 hours every hour
- '/visitorsmonth' - link for graph of last 30 days
- '/visitorsyear' - link for graph of last 53 weeks
- '/visitorsall' - link for graph of all recorded months

The chat commands are accessible only to the owner of the scene, if you want to allow other people to use the commands then you can add permanent members in the User Group script to give them access. The links will be visible to all users in the experience, if you want only you to see the link in chat then append your user handle (not display name) to the command, such as '/visitorstoday evoav', this will show the link in chat only to EvoAv (me).

If you want to read more about the scripts, see:

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Visitor Tracker (plug-n-play)
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