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Skye Butterfly 1 Animated  (Type 1 - circular flight path)

Skye Butterfly 1 Animated (Type 1 - circular flight path)


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Studio Skye presents this animated flying butterfly. All you have to do is place in your scene, position it and save - it will then fly around endlessly causing wonder and delight each and every moment of your virtual life.

Type 1 is a blue butterfly with a circular flight path. ie it will sit in one spot for a while, gently sunning it's wings, then fly off in a loop, landing in the same place. So make sure your starting position is on a solid object (a fence post, branch or flower etc)
To add variation - see other Types in this store

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1. Drag and drop the butterfly from inventory to your scene.
2. To make life easy, there is a red flight path to help position avoiding objects - use rotate to position as you prefer.
3. Delete red flight path guide - find the butterfly in the SCENE OBJECTS window. Click the arrow to open contents. Right click on and delete Container CON0 folder.
4. Save, Build and Visit your experience to see the animation.

- There is no collision involved so the butterflies will fly straight through objects and AVs. Use the flight path to position avoiding objects.
- You can scale the butterfly (and red flight path guide) but this will only scale the objects and WILL NOT scale the flight path animation
- you will not see the animation in edit mode. Choose Visit Experience to view.

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