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N-pens Glow 3D Air drawing pens dispenser

N-pens Glow 3D Air drawing pens dispenser


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Actual working 3D pens, yes you can actually draw with these in world! even on desktop (with limitation but very doable)

This is a Dispenser to setup on a wall to allow multiple users multiple pens the amount can be set on the dispensers scripts to limit pens spawned (default to 7 of each colour)

WARNING! the pens have the ability to temporarily create many draws that increases per persons using pens, some safeguards are included to aid in keeping the count down these can be made to be more or less aggressive in the admin hub script settings
-Timed auto delete ink
-Settable ink level per person <- this is the main option to consider
-spawn rate of ink
(Default is a mid setting for use in optimised worlds)

only 1 admin panel per world, you can duplicate the dispenser if needed in more locations, the script in this panel has the limit controls for the pens to help with draw counts

The included admin panel is meant to be placed in a secure location for example a DJ booth or known secret area where everything can be turned off and pens disabled if needed (there is a owner only option on enable/disable/delete all ink but the world owner must be present if selected in the script to use)

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