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Sitpoint Animation


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Animates an avatar when using a sitpoint.

** Instructions **
- Add this script to an object that has one or more sitpoints and configure the animation options.
- You can have multiple animations attached to one or more sitpoints, add a script instance for each animation you want to add to the object.
- Press the Primary Action key ('F' key on desktop or 'Grip' button in VR) to switch animations and the Secondary Action key ('R' key on desktop or 'A' button in VR) to restart the current active animation.

** Settings **
- Female Character Animation: the animation to play for characters with a female skeleton.
- Male Character Animation: the animation to play for characters with a male skeleton.
(NOTE: If only one animation is provided, either female or male, it will be assumed unisex and used for both character skeletons)
- Animation Speed: the animation playback speed.
- Loop Animation: plays the animation continously when on, only plays the animation once when off.
- Animate Upper Body Only: determines the subset of the skeleton to play the animation on. When on, only the upper body subset of bones is animated. When off, the full set of bones in the skeleton will be animated.
- Allow In VR: wheter or not the animation should play for VR users who have their hands enabled.
- Sitpoint Container List: (Optional) For objects with multiple sitpoints. The animation will play only for the specified sitpoint container(s) in the list. If the list is empty, the animation can play on any sitpoint container(s) found on the object.
- Show Instruction Text: toggles the instruction hint text on or off when sitting.
- Active: toggles the script on or off.

** Known Issues **
- Does not work on dispensed/rezzed objects.
- Sansar Bug: Animations using a subset of the skeleton are not automatically stopped when clicking another sitpoint whilst already sitting on a sitpoint.
- Sansar Bug: IK issues on the lower body when the full set of bones in the skeleton is used.

** Change Log **
v1.5.0.17 (2022-09-12)
- Added setting for hiding the instruction text
v1.5.0.15 (2022-09-12)
- Added support for multiple script copies in one object
- Added sitpoint filtering option
- Added animation switching with Primary Action input
- Added animation restarting with Secondary Action input
- Added instruction hint text when sitting
v0.3.0.13 (2022-09-01)
- Revised code

** Questions, issues or suggestions? **
Contact @Tron-Sansar

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Sitpoint Animation v1.5.0.17
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