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POV Selfie Pose 02

POV Selfie Pose 02


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A cute pose for those who like to roleplay and take pictures of their avis. The POV selfie pose is great to get up and personal with your avi. For optimal usage of the pose, please follow tips below, thank you & enjoy.

POV Pose Tips:
1. Free cam [F4]
(NOTE: Some world owners may have this option turned off)
2. Zoom in [W Key or Mouse Wheel if not using F4]
3. Move your mouse around to get a good angle, different angles have different effects in the selfie, try down looking up or up looking down.
4. Find a place in a world with good lighting and a pretty view.
5. When taking the picture using the picture tool, use the custom crop option and make sure the elevated arm in the photo is showing, this gives the impression that its a selfie and not a normal picture.

Item name
POV Selfie Pose 02