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X2 - Alina - V2 Vampire  Avatar

X2 - Alina - V2 Vampire Avatar


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This Hot Vamp X2 - Alina - V2 Avatar is like Count Dracula said "She's beautirful!!!"
• Pink skin
• Red Vamp-Eyes(Glow in the dark)
• Red-Blood Lips
• Long sharp Fangs
• Long Eyelashes
• Blue Makeup plus Effects
• Red Nails
• Red underwear
• Improved mouth to show more teeth & fangs

Animation Previews: https://gyazo.com/cfe9d9c7207d007680d5962acd0de284


NOTE: This is a version from the original "Alina" avatar by Cora.

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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X2 - Alina - V2 Vampire Avatar
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