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Hot Potato Game Whole

Hot Potato Game Whole


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Hot Potato Game Whole- Played This Game A Few Times At Events . Lots of fun but need space to make other games . You can switch out the images for 1024 by 1024. easy setup just drop in scene and follow these steps.
1-Replace the teleport position for the main console teleport button
everything is labeled and easy to find . Just ask for help if you get stuck.
You Can switch out the grenade mesh and the mesh for what comes out when grenade goes off. Everything is set up and i left a grenade for you with scripts to switch stuff out with .
Again if u have problems or need help just ask me ill help :P
there are 4 maps you can spawn for more or less players
map 1 - 8 player limit
map 2 - 12 player limit
map 3 - 16 player limit
and map 4 with a 20 player limit.

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Hot Potato Game Whole