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TKA Modern building + elevator walls and doors

TKA Modern building + elevator walls and doors


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Modern building with two animated elevators, built-in scripts and sounds.
It contains scripted walls and doors that you can edit to configure the rooms for use in the building, art gallery, simulation labs, social club, classrooms, store ... etc.
The roof terrace is usable, accessed by pressing button 2 of the elevator.
Low poly mesh and collision
All change permissions are enabled.
Important: The sound scripts have a small error in the settings Spatialized must be off for a better sound experience, you can easily correct it in scene edit mode; editing each door and lift locate the sound scripts and turn Spatialized to off. If you need help contact me

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Note to developers:
I developed two different elevator animations to experiment with this project and have included them for anyone who wants to experiment with both.
elevator in 3dsMax. animation only loaded from 0 to 240 frames
Elevator2 animation up and down from 0 to 480 frames
In the building, they both contain the same configuration and scripts assigned to the elevator group and elevator2.

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TKA Modern building + elevator walls and doors
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