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Witch Hat Brown

Witch Hat Brown


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Found in Accessories as Glasses.

Adjustable on avatar in Lookbook.

Hand stitched leather body and belt, fastened with a golden buckle with someones teeth melted in. 3 easy to access potions filled with mysterious liquids. A leather pouch filled with a sparkling white powder. Metal ring loop segmenting the belt. Corner of the hat was cut by something sharp!

There's a story about a mysterious lady who lived just up the hill in a creaky old building no one dared to go near. The villagers would complain about strange bright lights and odd zappy noises coming from the house whenever it would begin to rain. One Halloween night a young brave trickatreater decided to go up the hill and knock on the door. After the third knock, the door creaked open and on the floor lay a mysterious looking hat. The house was barren and quiet so the brave person assumed no one lived there anymore and picked up the hat.

___Places in Photos___
once upon a midnight dream by Solas (and Mad eye)

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Witch Hat Brown