Animated Mask: Neon Blue - Male Avatars

Animated Mask: Neon Blue - Male Avatars


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This animated mask comes in different colors. The first color being white will be available for free of charge. The Colored Masks will be available for only 45 Sansar Dollars.

A Female version is already finished and placed in store. The Female version is not the same pattern as the Male. It is much more masculine. And will be available and many different colors as well. There will be 3 accessory items that will be included to match these masks and their color as well as pattern. Those accessories will be a Gauntlet with animated textures, and a sword with animated textures.

Colors will be:
* White.
* Green.
* Neon Blue.
* Purple.
* Red.
* Orange.
* Rainbow.

And possibly more. All the accessories will share the same animated textures to match together.

1. I will first be adding the female masks. - All Shades - *DONE*
2. Next i will be adding the male Masks. - All Shades - In Progress
3. The gauntlets will be added. - All Shades - In Progress
4. Then finally the swords/blades. - All Shades - In Progress

Be sure to check back often. Updates and new items take time and i will do my best to upload as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Animated Mask: Neon Blue - Male Avatars