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Dj's JukeBox

Dj's JukeBox


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Another special piece by DJ. working JukeBox with 14 24/7 stream channels from the internet.. Be sure to check out My Garage Sale to test it first. includes Tiki Script and all set to play. "be sure to check for Tiki Script updates in the future" this will take over your TV's and screens. best for places with no screens. also, must set scene settings background sound to "media: (none)" and sound source to "stream" for world whole world sound or add a sound emitter and adjust sound based on how you would like it. JukeBox housing will not be editable but everything else is. edit at your own risk. the last picture is the texture for the buttons just in case you want to change them (original texture 2100x2100). Come and check it out in person at

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Dj's JukeBox
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