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Photorealistic Paperback Book Template

Photorealistic Paperback Book Template


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Have you ever wanted to show off how much you READ in Sansar?
Do you want to pretend you read (like Draxtor)?
Do you want to be seen as elitist?

Look no further! Grab this book, change texture to any book that's hot right now, and let everybody see that you've read it first (even if that's not true).

Ultra lowpoly - you can literally flood your apartment with these and not get lag!
Collision mesh included - grab the book in VR and shove into people's faces!
Glorious lifelike 1024x1024 PBR textures - 4k is for losers!
Template UV map included - make any book you like without breaking a sweat!

Real-Sansar-World examples can be seen at 114 Harvest, in Drax's basement. Feel free to take the books with you ;)

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