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Rotates a movable object indefinitely.

** Instructions **
Drop this script in any object and set the "Movable From Script" property to "On". If the object has a RigidbodyComponent make sure that a non-static motiontype is set.

** Settings **
- Angular Velocity: the rotation speed for each axis in degrees per second
- World Space <> Object Space: apply motion using the global world axis or the local object axis.
- Active: toggles the script on or off.

** Change Log **
v2.0.0.10 (2022-09-01)
- Works correctly on objects that have no rigidbody component
- Improved performance and accuracy
- Removed obsolete update rate setting

** Questions, issues or suggestions? **
Contact @Tron-Sansar

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Object Spinner v2.0.0.10
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