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Simple Reusable Sign

Simple Reusable Sign


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This is a simple reusable sign that Sansar Studios uses in some of their scenes, and now you can too!

Instructions (as of April 1, 2019):

- Get this sign.
- When editing a scene, drag it from your inventory into the scene.
- Right-click the sign and choose Materials.
- In the Materials Settings editor, click Image in the left pane.
- Under Albedo Map, click the dropdown and choose Custom Texture File.
- Click Browse to choose the PNG texture from your hard drive.
- After you choose it, it will preview. Then click SAVE SETTINGS to save it.

(More details here: )

This is the UV outline, place your visible sign in the rectangular area within the gray lines, then upload it into Sansar:

There's a small light attached, as well a SimpleScript setup that shows a custom link in chat when the sign is clicked. Change this to whatever you want.

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Reusable Sign (2019-01-29)
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