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White - Fairy Wings [Animated Sparkle Effect]

White - Fairy Wings [Animated Sparkle Effect]


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Glowing and translucent fairy wings with an animated sparkling fairy dust effect. (translucent/See-through effect example shown in second picture)

Sparkling fairy dust animation example gif: https://gyazo.com/4b8f623cf1ec2b47f2e22aa22388fbf3

Fits both female and male framed avatars.
A rigged clothing item so cannot be re-sized or moved.
rigged to the wing attach bones so will animate with emotes that animate wings.

Other colours available on store.

Make sure to set your inventory to 'Show all clothing' if the fairy wings do not show up immediately for you in the clothing tab. (See the example picture on this listing for reference.)

Contact "TheNick-1981" through Sansar or Sansar discord if you need re-rigging, a custom design or if there is a problem etc.

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White - Fairy Wings [Animated Sparkle Effect]
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