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DALL-E Magic Canvas v1

DALL-E Magic Canvas v1


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So, you enjoyed ChatGPT for Sansar ? Yes, it's cool ! This one is a bit different...this will generate images :-)
Give a name to your canvas and make a wish...something like:

- Canvas, give me an image of a cat playing with a dog in a beach in a sunnyday

....voilá ! You will see it on the screen ;)

Well, in order to use this, you must have an OPENAI key to configure the script inside. For instructions about how to get an OpenAI key, check https://store.sansar.com/listings/9f9d17a3-2baa-4698-89ec-400543ec5f0c/chatgpt-for-sansar

And yes, you can use the very same key for both scripts.

And talking about the script. Yes, you can use the script inside on your own objects if you wish and allow me to explain the parameters:

[OpenAIKey]: Paste the key right there

[MyName]: The scritp will always pay attention if the phrase starts with MyName parameter...for example, if you set this to "John", you must start on the chat window with John, ex: John, give me a picture of Elon Musk in oil paint...or John I want a image of 2 kids playing with a ball on the beach

[Image Size] - Only acceptable values is: 1024x1024, 512x512 or 256x256

[Authorised Agents] - Levar it blank and this will allow anyone on your experience to invoke the canvas - Otherwise put the Sansar usernames on the list - Must be usernames, not display names, ok ? and this includes the numbers assigned with your username if applicable.

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DALL-E Magic Canvas v1
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