Starfish - 4 Colors

Starfish - 4 Colors


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This is a bundle of 4 Starfishes.

From real pictures, photoshoped and baked in 3D software.

They are 448 Triangles, 6 Textures (2 Albedo and 2 Normal are 512x512 Pixels, for top and bottom, Roughtness and Metalness are 4x4 Pixels)

- Red and Yellow are 76 KB each.
- Pink and Orange are 86 KB each.

There is no collision on them.

The "Draw Distance Limit" is set the 16 meters, feel free to change it.

And you can resale them !

You can see them in Sansar here, they are near the sea and under water :

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MPP - Starfish - 4 Colors
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