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Thimble Vehicle

Thimble Vehicle


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A simple vehicle script. It's a bit like a arcade car but I'll be making it more realistic as updates come out. It will require some setup. Please understand this is a very early version and Sansar has some limitations.

• Sit points inside the vehicle.
• Use with any model.
• Engine you can turn on and off with basic sound.
• Head lights and break lights.
• Click to enter the vehicle and walk to exit.
• Events, animations, player emotes, and much more!

How to Setup
• The vehicle must have collision, be set to dynamic, and allow movable by script toggled on.
• Drag script into a car model and make sure the 'Vehicle_Controller' class is selected in the 2nd dropdown.
• Add a sit point and place the enter and exit as you wish (Can currently only use 1 sit point for the driver).
• If you want more options for sound, lights, or animation. Drop a script for each one, select the class you want, then configure it.
• Setup as many options as you can in the scripts. This will take some testing and be different based on each vehicle model setup.
• The script should be drivable from here.
• If it's not working, you may need to drag the cars volume down a tiny bit then drag the entire car up so it falls back down when the scene starts. This is because it's checking for the ground and can't find it.

If you want to see it in world, I set out a couple cars here.

Hope it works good for you,

Recent Changes
- Quick fix to remove 'Vehicle_Surface' class. It's no good for people selling cars on the store. I'll think of a workaround soon.

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